003: Roly Martinez

Another solo show on my own this time with one of the many charismatic characters I've come across in the South Florida episode Roly Martinez. I've known Roly for about 5 years now and couldn't think of any other unique character to have on the show. 

On this episode, Roly and I share several stories about music festivals including the Dirty Bird Campout that he would be attending that upcoming weekend. Music festivals are something that have really brought us together over the years and has forged many other friendship. 

We also go over my incident with Coach Boehim when I played for Syracuse University. Which was over course a complete accident and my playing time went down dramatically after that. 

The episode is capped off with the story of how I hooked up with a nurse when I ruptured my kidney in a Kuwaiti hospital. Mind you this is a country governed by Sharia Law and this may not have resulted in any punishment towards me but definitley punishment for the girl I hooked up with.