002: Tal Oran

Travel and alternative styles of living.

Ah my first solo interview. My cohost Daniel was out of town and couldn't take part with the show. The person I was interviewing was Tal Oran. Tal is fellow traveler like myself who Daniel and I met on of all places Periscope. Tal and I met eventually met up for coffee and decided to do an interview on each others shows. 

The show took place in my kitchen with the snowball microphones that I purchased. PSA for anyone using USB microphones you will be sharing a microphone with your cohost or guest. The show began and went just like I always though podcasting would go like. We had a great conversation about my recent trip to Israel and my trips to South America in order to ingest Ayauscha. I didn't think that would amaze Tal so much. 

Tal story is fascinating because he continues to live a nomadic life. He documents his nomadic lifestyle best through Youtube. His youtube channel as of today has over 5000 subscribers. Who wouldn't be interested in what Tal does? He's recently driven a VW bus from Miami to Mexico up to Northern California and back down to Miami again. This was just a spur of the moment get up and go trip. His other most popular trip is his documentation of taking a freighter ship across the Atlantic. 

Although I am known for my spontaneity Tal's spontaneity is something I admire. I know I'm prepping for the trip of a life time but I know I understand friends and family explaining how they live vicariously through me. Make sure you check out my episode with Tal and then give his Youtube channel a once over.