001: Dr. Money P

My first ever podcast! This isn't my own endeavor but a shared collaboration with my good friend Daniel Blum. Our guest was Dr. Money P aka Jeff Morris. Dr. money p is an nickname given to Jeff because of how money he is with the ladies whenever he hits the town. The guy always finds a way to get laid with out paying for it. 

Jeff is studying to be a doctor and is currently doing his rotations at Nova Southeastern University. Jeff was a first guest because we couldn't think of any other person to cut the tension of our first converstaion than Dr. Money P. 

We cover a range of topics from my future trip to Israel and the Drs. past trip to Israel, to vaginas and geo-politics in the Middle East.

All in all i can say this podcast was definitly rushed but i could not wait to get the podcast off the gorund. Although this wasnt our best project this one was our baby and i still find ways to be fascinated by it.