It's All In Your Head

I am walking on sunshine right now with the completion of the first podcast. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the rush that came over me when I saw it ready for download in the Itunes store. By completing this podcast I have completed the first step for my, Save The Deena, trip. 

I'm loving the reviews and criticisms so far so please keep them coming. I started from the lower than low on this one so seriously bring the criticism no matter how harsh it may it sound. This is my own journey and I realize I can't compare it to anyone else's. It is the only way to maintain its uniqueness.

I’m not normally one for boasting. To be honest I don’t take compliments or gifts well. And I'm one of the harshest judges when it comes to scolding me but, this is something I can go into a corner a pat myself on the back for. I’m well aware that I'm not the only one who can be too hard on themselves. It's awakening to watch someone practice the same traits or characteristics as you and wonder, “Am I that bad? Do I get that down on myself like that person does?”

I recently worked on an exercise before I got this very chipper feeling. I actually got the idea from another podcast to write down all my fears. Taking the 10 minutes of my day to fill out an entire sheet of paper with all my fears forced me to be very honest with myself. Sometimes that is the most difficult person, to be honest with. Going through fear by fear conjured up even more fears I didn’t think were real. Now once you finished this exercise the next step is to destroy the paper however you would like to. You can burn it, tear it up, shred it, or use it for toilet paper. Whichever way is best for you to prove to yourself that all these words on papers are, are your fears. These fears are no one else's but yours. And with whichever way you choose to destroy that piece of paper you are proving to yourself that just as easy as these fears can pop up into your head they can just as easily be destroyed by the person who created them.

Wishing everyone out there a  smooth rest of their week. Be on the look out for more, OnThe Bus Podcast, and as always the bus must go on.