Pre Surgery Jitters


My first major surgery is coming up on Monday. I don’t think what worries me is the fact I am going to be chopped open, but more along the lines that I have to have trust and/or have faith in another human being. I gotta hope Dr. Ram is not having a terrible day, also the entire other staff. I also gotta hope that they are able to push out any other negative factors going on in their life so that my procedure goes smoothly. One person forgets to wash their hands, put on their equipment, or interpret my medicine levels, and I am toast.

Yet, this is what it means to be human. Everyone suffers. We all make mistakes. And in the end, we end up as statistics. I could be the 1 in a 100,000th person who gets a bacterial infection from doctors or nurses who did not engage in the proper hygienic techniques prior to surgery. These factors have definitely been playing with my surgery prep.

Normally, I eat a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates. Most of these fats that make up a main staple of my diet are blood thinners. So a week prior to surgery I had to cut back on coconut oil, MCT oil, and fish oils. I didn’t think I would need to cut back on spices and/or herbs like had to. There goes turmeric and ginger out the door.

The part I am excited about is the recovery. I treat it as if it’s a competition. The doctor tells me I’ll need two weeks to recover, Ha! I’m gonna try and be out and about running around, functioning normal, inside of a week. The way I am going to test these waters out is with diet. I have been meal prepping since this afternoon. Tuna guacamole, my keto balls, canned sardines, sautéed snapper with veggies, sausage and avocados, organic greens blend, and last but not least ground turmeric with black pepper. I’ve seen the healing power of turmeric before.

Last year when I ruptured my kidney in Kuwait, I was reeling. Even after a week of bed rest in the hospital and returning to my apartment, the pain was as excruciating as the moment of rupture. In Kuwait, you cannot get pain medication as easily as in the US. I was in tears in bed. I called my boss at one point and said, “Musaed (sniffle sniffle) I think I may have to go back to hospital. I can’t move and my insides feel as if they’re being squeezed like a ketchup bottle in a diner.” I turned to the internet and I discovered turmeric. After that, I started eating the root and blending it into smoothies. The results were magic. The pain subsided, and I was able to move on my own in my apartment. Since then I have turned to turmeric for any to all my pain management.

Tomorrow is the day before surgery and I have to switch over to a 100% liquid diet. So naturally, as my last meal, I went with a cheeseburger and fries. The most complete meal ever! Two hours from now begins no food what so ever! The list of liquids they suggest to me are Gatorade, fruit juice, Jell-O, beef or chicken broth, coffee or tea, popsicles, and soda (sprite or 7up). I don’t know about anyone else but even for one day that diet sounds like fucking death, sugar, sugar, and sodium. Not to mention the bottle of citrate magnesium I have to down at 1pm exactly. I do find the timing a bit odd but I guess that’s how long it takes to clear out your insides. Intermittent fasting may be the move here.

Intermittent fasting is distinct eating pattern where you eat only one or two meals a day instead of 3-5. For example, imagine not eating breakfast and having your first meal as lunch at 1pm and your dinner at 8pm. Therefore you are technically fasting for 16 hours every day because you include sleep time.

    And I am off! It’s gonna be a long day of liquids and clearing out my insides.

Smooth out!