Post Surgery Woes


When it comes to following doctors’ orders, I’m not the best patient. “Take it easy for two weeks, no exercise, no movement just stick to bedrest.” I can’t say I followed those orders religiously at all. Two days after surgery I met a chick on bumble and decided what the hell I can wing this! When you are smoking a bowl and kissing a pretty girl on the intercoastal of Miami, pain and discomfort don’t even begin to cross your mind. I enjoy pushing my limits. I want to know how far I can go and where the point is that I draw the line. (I don’t think there is anything more in the moment then not thinking of the future and enjoying the present.)

Since I decided to avoid bed rest, there definitely was a good bout with pain and discomfort. I couldn’t resort to exercise for mental, physical, and emotional well-being, so all I could turn to was my diet. I thought that part would be easy. I had plenty of nutritious food that pertained to my diet; high fat and low carb. I never thought that a lack of exercise coupled with being dispirited about my surroundings and health could enhance an appetite for sugar and fatty foods. It wasn’t extreme but I did have a few more cheat meals then if I had been in my normal routine.

Being out of your comfort zone allows you to gain a whole new perspective. I had been injured before and limited in my function but definitely not to the state I was in after this surgery. The road to recovery takes a toll and the journey to return to your workout results or even normal routine can be challenging. This quote I heard from the Duncan Trussell Family Hour finally came into perspective for me,



The question isn’t whether or not meeting your needs make you happy, because it certainly does, but whether or not not meeting your needs makes you happy.
— Duncan Trussell

Could I be happy lying around the house stuck in bed? Could I find different outlets then my normal means? And if I didn’t would I be happy with whatever I was doing? Can I be happy without doing the things that I am best at?

Although at this moment I am cleared for normal function, my normal isn’t everyone else’s normal. This past Wednesday I returned to my weekly evening activity of 11vs11 soccer. I thought I would may lose form. Alas, I was flawless and covering swaths of ground. The next day at work I even dunked a basketball a few times. No matter how much I thought laying low and doing nothing would hinder my physical ability or performance, it didn’t affect it much at all.

Now that I am able to run around again, I still can’t help but ask myself the Duncan Trussel question above. Conclusion: it’s not about expectations, reaching goals, or what others think; it is simply to love myself. For two weeks I was working myself up over something that may never be. As I write this I’m laughing at my monkey mind and how conveniently it is distracted from blessings and gifts bestowed upon it. Its moments like these self-reflections that help make me a more loving not just the rest of the world but more importantly to myself.