Convenient Keto

My good friend and podcast co-host reached out to quest keto not too long ago. After a great conversation with the head of marketing of Quest Keto, they decided to send us a few of the brand new keto meals to try. Daniel and I were very excited and once they were in we immediately began to prepare them and to test out their efficacy. 

My co-host Daniel Blum

My co-host Daniel Blum

What is keto?

Keto is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet where your body tranisitons from a glucose burning state to a fat burning state. 


The nutrition facts claim keto friendliness


A ketogenic diet usually consists of a macro nutriet count of 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbohydrates. Anyone keen on keto or their nutrition is automatically going to flip over a product and scan the nutrition facts. Every dish seemed to have whopping +40 grams of saturated fat per serving. This is astounding! I’ve noticed while cooking for myself on keto I'm always looking to supplement the dish with additional saturated fat that my dish would be lacking primarily and I’d do this with, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil. Not here! 


Okay okay, the saturated fat was high but this dish had to be oozing with sugar right? NO SHOT! 1 gram of sugar was the maximum amount of carbs found in any of the dishes we ate. Overall the carbs were low not exceeding 15 grams and the primary reading of carbs was from dietary fiber. #ketofriendly


Quest Keto meals

Quest Keto meals

This couldn’t have tasted good!


I loved them! What I was amazed most about was the taste of the bread. Whenever you seek to substitute gluten for bread or pasta it also means you are usually throwing out the good taste. Somehow though quest has developed a low carb biscuit and flat bread that are way out of gluten free breads league. The dishes with bread included a buffalo chicken flatbread, a sausage flatbread, a sausage egg and cheese biscuit as well as a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. The bread stayed strong without breaking up and paired perfectly with the other ingredients.


Snacks or main courses?


Fats have 9 calories per gram compared to protein and carbs which are 4 calories per gram. It is much more filling and is a better source of fuel for you body to be running on. Because these dishes are packed with so much saturated fat I found myself full and satisfied after testing all the dishes. 


The dishes are microwave friendly and only took around a minute and a half to prepare. A healthy alternative snack that you know is going to maintain your levels of keto seems to be the thing missing in the keto marketplace. I myself will carry keto snacks around with me such as MCT oil, bhb, deli meats, cheeses, or nuts. Nothing is more keto friendly than these, however, these are meant to be snacks and supplements and that's it. Quest Keto fills that void. No more worries of consuming too many carbs or monosaturated fats in nuts. No more worries about consuming too many nitrates in that salami snack. Get full and not worry about knocking yourself out of keto with over snacking.


Did I have a favorite?


Hands down the Cinnamon roll. You read that right, a cinnamon roll, with, wait for it…wait for it..only 2 grams of sugar.


Am I sold?


Personally, yes I am! These meals help with my keto predicament which is having a sweet and friendly snack after a meal as well as keeping me full. I’ll find myself still eating after dinner at times because I either didn’t supplement the dish without enough fat or I under prepared. Knowing I’m not only full and satisfied after a meal can levitate any worries I have now of eating a snack that will mess with my ketone levels. 


Even for that person who isn’t keto but is interested in the keto diet, I couldn't think of a better way to get introduced with keto friendly delicious meals ready made.


How do you start Quest Keto?


Head over to and check out their dishes. Whether you are interested in starting keto or you are already "full blown keto", quest keto is the snack, meal replacement or dessert you've been looking for.