5 take aways from a 3 day fast

On my past trip to Mexico last week I wasn't a very good boy. I am of course referring to my diet behavior. I threw down one too many tortillas and had a little bit more fried food than I normally would have ingested. Now I brought some of my keto supplements down there with me such as Keto Force and MCT oil. Keto Force is an exogenous Ketone supplement that consists of some ketone esters but no ketones itself. My other supplement is a Brain Octane oil. It is a particular MCT oil because it only consists of C8 MCT’s. 

MCT oil is an extract from coconut oil.

I took these supplements on a daily basis down in Mexico but I wasn't consistent with my fasting. Once I got back I decided to go for a 3 day dietary fast in order to wipe out my glycogen stores and dive back into ketosis. 

I had partaken in a few fasts before but never to the extent of 3 days. I wouldn’t be completely constricting nutrients from my diet. I would be supplementing with MCT oil, BHB, and other stimulants such as caffeine from coffee, alpha brain, and shroom tech sport. Alpha Brain and Shroom tech are nootropics. They consist of multiple herb blends with a few added minerals such as zinc, magnesium, b6, b12, phosphorus, chromium, and cordyceps mushroom extract. 

Keto Force (Beta Hydroxybutyrate), Brain Octane MCT oil, Shroom Tech Sport, Alpha Brain

Keto Force (Beta Hydroxybutyrate), Brain Octane MCT oil, Shroom Tech Sport, Alpha Brain

3 day fast


Morning 5 am
10oz coffee, 1/4 cup MCT oil, 3 scoop bhb, 2 shroom tech 

Insides emptying. It's slowed down but any movement out of bed triggers cramps and shits. 

10:25 am 2 alpha brain 

2:20 pm 

10oz coffee, 1.5 tbsp MCT oil, 15cc of bhb


530 am
10 oz coffee 2 tbsp MCT oil, 30cc bhb, 2 shroom tech 

1250 pm 10 oz coffee 2tbsp MCT 2 alpha brains

3 pm 30cc of bhb

Started feeling leg restlessness 

5/530 felt faint and restlessness throughout the body. 

6 pm cracked with quest bar

The fast wasn’t a full 3 days but I made it about 44 hours. I never experienced restlessness throughout the body like I ever did before. Once I did get a chance to eat that quest bar, although it wouldn't be my exact choice to break a fast, I felt that high. I was back in Ketosis. I didn't get a chance to test out with a pee strip until I got home. I had a level of 2.0 mmol/L (mmol stands for millimoles which are the written abbreviation for a thousandth of a mole.) You use moles to measure things on the atomic level. 

What did I learn?

I found my threshold of 44-45 hours
I need to do a better job supplementing minerals while on a fast.
Keep a snack on hand if I start feeling weak
Workouts while fasting weren't a problem
Find an electrolyte friendly supplement to take while fasting.
While in ketosis your kidney absorbs fewer electrolytes than normal

This diet is not for everyone. Especially for those with diabetes and low insulin levels. When the body experiences high levels of ketone, low insulin production, and high levels of sugar in the blood you may have ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition in which your body doesn't make enough insulin. Please consult with your doctor not just before attempting the ketogenic diet but before attempting any fast.