Free Kerrygold

Butter in your coffee?” 


There is usually an ill-stricken face thrown my way after I ask for a barista/waiter or waitress to throw some in my coffee. 


The first time I heard about injecting some butter into my coffee was in Kuwait from a co-worker. I still didn’t even drink coffee on a daily basis at the time. 


As I slowly moved towards drinking coffee on daily bases (more like a ritual) I saw the benefits of intermittent fasting and enhancing my effects in the Ketogenic diet. 


As someone who constantly looks for hacks tip tricks and trades to get ahead of the competition, I couldn’t help but try to do that with adding butter to my coffee.


Anyone who supplements at all knows its almost impossible to be consistent because transportation of said supports is impossible. 


On a sheer whim when I swung into a Starbucks for their very strong but not that flavor full coffee I figured I asked if they had some butter. To my surprise not only did they have butter but they had Kerry GOLD Grass Fed Butter. 


Anyone who not just throws butter into their coffee but shops for high-quality butter knows that this shit ain’t cheap. Which leads me to the beautiful thing about when you ask for it at Starbucks




At least I’ve never paid for it. And I’ve attempted this stunt on more than one occasion. 

No, I’m not proud of saying I went to Starbucks this many times.

How not to fuck it up!

Make sure the coffee is hot!

This butter is all fat so anything not hot will make the fat in the coffee rise to the top and coagulate. 

Make sure not only that coffee is hot but that you mix it up for a while. I myself like to blend it for 30 seconds in order for the fat and the coffee blend together better.