You gotta sleep to dream

Kaz update! You all remember I'm sure but to those new to the page way back in December I had a young man from Japan contact me through Couchsurfing inquiring about basketball lessons. He proceeded to fly around the world and train with me non stop for the next two weeks. 

Kaz saw incredible improvement during his time training with me and has had an incredible senior year at West Tokyo University. Now before Kaz left the US I gifted him one of my Syracuse jerseys. I wrote a long note in there and after he read it he promised no no swore to me that he will not stop playing the game of basketball until he made it to the professional basketball levels so that he could give me a jersey of his own. I was honored and humbled to hear such words bestowed upon me but like anything in my world I kept moving on and trucking. I actually flew out to Mexico the next day. 

Months have gone by and I've kept up with Kaz and his progress. However one day I was hit with a message that he had done it! He received an opportunity to try out for a professional basketball team in Ireland. This kid! There are already not many Japanese basketball players around the world let alone Japan yet he continues to fight on. And yes It's not merely in order to give me a professional basketball shirt but rather to turn a lifelong dream into a reality. 

Kaz started explaining to me that he sent out letters and film to professional programs all around the world but he wasn’t receiving any reply’s, not 1! Until one organization out of Ireland, IT Carlow, reached out to Kaz just to confirm that he was real. 

Kaz then sent my article, “He Lives!” And after the coach proceeded to read it he simply told Kaz, “Welcome to the team, my man!”

As I’ve talked about in previous posts with Kaz it's incredible to watch someone do anything possible to make their dreams come true. Whenever we (I'm referring to everyone here) gets a chance to see themselves in another light its like we are looking at ourselves in our sleep. That version of us is still asleep, still dreaming, in a lucid subconscious state where the rules of this reality don’t apply to them. "Can’t do this, can't-do that, that's not allowed", go ahead try and stop me. The best part is when you finally realize you are dreaming and you can make anything possible. 

It's ironic getting to look at the dream state Brandon. The things he was willing to do in order to make his dreams come true.

When you wake up though and that dream pops do we really actually wake up and forget everything that happens? I don’t think so. We merely get to clock into the next dream of ours we are chasing and look to turn more impossibles, possible.