How to Travel Mexico and Save the Deena in one Week

Save The Deena Test Run:

Initially, I had contacted a few girlfriends in order to take a relaxing trip to Cuba, Turkey, or Mexico. Ideal getaways with girlfriends I know. However, per usual plans change and shit happens. This wasn't going to stop me and in turn converted this into a test run for Save the Deena Tour

What is Save the Deena? Quick manifesto for ya

I hate the idea of a vacation. Shit, I've always hated the idea of doing what everyone else is doing. Especially being told you must settle and that's it. No explanation of why just do what you are told. More in regards to conformity, no kink involved for this one. 

Scaling the pyramids of Uxmal

Scaling the pyramids of Uxmal

I got the STDT idea on my trip to South America in 2015. I linked up with some characters I met in the salt flats of Bolivia and again in San Pedro de Atacama. We all could have taken a bus down with no stops straight to Santiago and would have been on the bus for a day and a half. I found a zebra painted van we could rent and I convinced all 4 of them to join me on this journey. Now the journey wasn't any more unique than any other trip I went on but I just loved the fact that on a Tuesday we got to wake up map out how much we were going to drive where we were going to find our food and/or what we could explore that day. The thing I enjoyed so much was not having phone service or wifi. I didn't tell anyone I'd be going off the grid either. So the only people who knew where I was and I could connect with were the people I was with or people I met along the way. 

My next question was how could I do this every day? I was working a job in Kuwait, and yes this granted me amazing travel freedoms I couldn't’ achieve in the US. I had a dream job only working 8 months of the year with 4 months to travel. That wasn’t enough for me! How do I fund and what could do to make my life as easy going and free as possible.

So I hit the drawing board and began connecting some dots to make this dream come true. 

Back to Mexico.

Still drunk, still high, and maybe, just maybe an hour of sleep this morning. Waking up was the W of the new year and now I was off to the airport. Checked in, aisle seat secured and trying to force myself to vomit. Alas, I had no luck what so ever. The aisle seat was tremendous and I crashed all the way to Cancun. So far so good right? HONKKKKKKKKK! A 2-hour line at the rental car. I bided my time by eating almonds and trying to figure out how to turn my phone on.

Here's what I learned!

  • Roads and highways were very safe 
  • Gas prices relatively cheap
  • I was able to bring all supplements and take them on a daily basis
  • Drive times on google maps do vary
  • The road is very friendly via hitchhikers
  • Wifi accessibility was great
  • Staying in ketosis was much more difficult
  • Because it was only a week holiday I struggled with food choices with excuse of, “I normally don't eat this way so because I'm not in America its okay”
  • Finding keto friendly foods isn't the issue its will power
  • Organifi came in handy with lack of vegetables found on the road
  • Even in a short allotted time you are able to cover 2000 miles in one week
  • Allotting time for work and pleasure could have been better
  • Planning will go a long way
  • Didn't realize the vast distance I decided to drive
  • I wasn’t able to visit all the places I wanted to visit

This project will span across a year. I was impressed with what I got done in the short time. I covered 2000 miles and still found time to enjoy myself. I saw some incredible locations and I met some amazing people. People I even hope to see on the road later this year. 

Health and wellness were something that could have handled better however with the short time it wasn’t feasible. I had a hard of enough time getting sleep on this trip however that was done to the time constraint and distance I was covering. 

One day I can tell you about that only affirmed that this project will happen was my second to last day. I got a late start leaving a hotel in Xpujil. I was heading to Calakmul deep deep in the jungle. Before I got to Mexico I knew this was a place I couldn't miss. My initial plans had me taking some mushrooms or LSD out there. Being that I got a late start I was a bit worried that It was too late in the day to ingest these things. However, when I started to approach Calakmul I took down a half vile of liquid psilocybin mushrooms.

On top of the Mushroom Mtn.

On top of the Mushroom Mtn.

These mushrooms hit me quick! I popped on the go pro and began scaling ruins and interacting with the wildlife of the jungle. From almost stepping on a two-foot long snake laying in the middle of the path to sitting under a family of monkeys up in the canopy of the rain forest 

I want this to be my everyday. Not taking psychedelics in the rain forest every day but I want to share this freedom with others. I'd love for others to join me whether they are friends family or complete strangers. I prefer strangers lol

However, the world doesn't stop spinning shit even my tiny little world doesn't stop for anyone else. The next step will be purchasing the bus and drawing out a logistics plan with a start point. 




Are you ready to save some Deena with me?