Back to the Holy Land

Quick update on the health front, I finally had my stint removed. I am now cleared to get back into heavy lifting and full contact sports. As far as removal of the stint, I am going to keep it short and sweet. Do you remember the scene in the Matrix when Neo is having the robotic insect pulled out of his belly button? Now imagine it’s not the belly button, and you are awake watching as this is being performed live on the screen in front of you.

Let’s set aside the gore and trauma and talk about my holiday today. I am heading to New York City and then on Sunday September 11th, I am off to Israel. A flight out of New York City to Israel on September 11th seemed like the safe move. 

This isn’t my first time visiting Israel and it’s also not my first free airline ticket to Israel. When I moved to Israel back in 2012 I filed for Aliyah. Aliyah is defined as a pilgrimage of Jews back to Israel. When you perform Aliyah you go through a series of interviews with members of the Israeli consulate in order to be vetted. You must commit to living in Israel for 6 months while the process is being complete and during that time the Israeli government sends you monthly allowances to keep you on your feet. However, I never finished this process and my step-father thinks that I am receiving this free trip in order to fulfill the military service in the agreement.

I highly doubt it though.

Now, this was strictly a business decision and doesn’t reflect my view on the religion of Judaism or my political view of the state of Israel. I signed with a basketball team in Israel and if I made Aliyah there it would have created more basketball job opportunities.

Recently, I received a call from Israel outdoors asking if I wanted to make a birthright trip. Birthright is an organization that sponsors free ten day trips to Israel for kids of Jewish heritage. I was a bit shocked with the call and a bit shocked to learn that I was receiving another free flight to Israel, but then again, if you have to ask you can’t afford it. So, I just accepted my ticket and trip.

The thing I am enjoying the most thus far about this trip is the meal and supplement prep. This is great practice for my Save the Deena journey. Like anyone traveling, I succumb to the ruinous cravings of eating and drinking while never able to find a gym or even time to exercise. On the pinnacle journey of Save the Deena, I want to demonstrate health and wellness can be achieved even while, “living in a van down by the river!”, on vacation.

Now, off to packing, of which I haven’t even started yet. And, my flight is in 8 hours. Follow the trip on my social media pages at BrandonReese24 or agentsmooth24. Below I am going to provide a list of products that I will be bringing with me. These products are high in fat and nutrients. Their storage containers are compact and have a great shelf life. Several of the products will be linked in the product section of my store and the Organifi link will be at the bottom under “Organifi”, type in promo code BUSDRIVER for a 15% discount on your purchase.

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