Brandon your Bus Driver here coming to you currently from Miami, Florida. Not in possession of a literal Bus but always and ready to take the helm when called upon.

Im a 27 year old American with an unquenchable thirst for adventure hence the nomad handle. Always felt the desire to adventure in order to learn and interact with people any and everywhere. The game of basketball helped take me to places I always dreamed of visiting. From traveling around the US to play as a kid, to receiving a scholarship from Syracuse University and playing around the country on the biggest of stages. After college It was time to fulfill the lifelong dream of playing professional basketball. However before I even signed with a team I got bit by the travel bug hard, so hard that no matter where in the world I was playing basketball I couldn't help but try to plan or prep for my next adventure with my backpack. 

Now that my playing days are over I still coach and at the moment I am working towards becoming a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I don't want my travels to be deemed vacations anymore. I can't stand the word or the idea that I can only live a certain way for 2 weeks of the year and in those two weeks I'm supposed to let loose and forget my normal routines and rituals. I have slipped up on the road but I realize now to be a permanent nomad you must have some sort of routine and take care of yourself on the road. My blog goes into details on ways to stay healthy on the road through diet and exercise in order to make the most out of your day. Whether you get to travel for a weekend or two week the tips and hacks I provide will give you an advantage over the weekend warrior or digital nomad anywhere. 

In October my own podcast with my good friend and cohost Daniel Blum. We bring interesting characters in order to share their story as well as try to decode and break down what it is that makes these individuals unique. I advise and suggest anyone to get their own microphone and start their own show. I sprung up this podcast in order to develop some buzz about my next indefinite move in life, SAVE THE DEENA TOUR. June or July of 2017 I am going to be moving to South America with a bus purchased in the states or South America in the pursuit to live out my days on earth as rich as possible. Filled with as much adventure, spontaneity and unknown imaginable. 

To find out more check out my podcast or social media pages. I also provide a newsletter with fascinating hacks, tips, stories and more that I've come across. 

See you on the bus!

Your Bus Driver